Where does nuclear waste go?


Nuclear waste from nuclear power plants is usually packaged and stored securely in storage facilities. These are located deep in the earth in high-integrity stainless steel tanks and fitted with cooling coils to remove the heat generated by the decay of fission products.
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Germany stores most of its nuclear waste in facilities next to the nuclear power plants. This way they avoid transportation. In fact, transportation of these materials was prohibited
Millions of gallons of hazardous waste resulting from the nation's nuclear
Every nuclear power plant is designed with enough temporary storage to store the nuclear waste from the entire expected life of the plant. These storage facilities are only meant
It goes to the COGEMA La Hague site, see link below. A long term deep repository is planned but not operational yet.
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Almost all the nuclear waste in the United States is kept in special containers in Hartford, Washington. Other countries that produce nuclear power have similar facilities for storing nuclear waste.
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