Where does pen ink come from?


The ink that we use in fountain pens or ball-point pens is usually obtained from dye and binders. Historically, inks were make of lampblack (soot) mixed with aqueous binders, although that has changed with numerous technological advancements in the manufacturing industry.
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Size Every year 250,000 tons of ink are used in the United States. Since the 1994 Vegetable Ink Printing Act was passed by Congress, 22 percent of the ink used in the United States
I'm still chuckling from the 2 first answers. Pigment and alcool or water with a binder like some glue. Something like watercolour. I'm still
Answer ball point pens have thin ink tubes then a ball when you write the ball rolls picking ink up from the tube and writing and then ink comes out when you write!
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