Where Does Respiration Take Place?


The respiration process takes place in the mitochondria located within cells of all living organisms. The process is used to obtain energy from nutrients found in food that is consumed by the organism.
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Part of the answer to the question of where internal respiration takes place is that it takes place inside the lungs. By extension it also takes place inside the circulatory system
on the surface of the inner mitochondrial matrix.
in the leaves, Mitochondrium. - apart form it's called photosynthesis, not respiration ('although they do respire') Source(s): A* in biology. ;)
Cellular respiration occurs in cytoplasm of eukaryotic (animal) cells. Energy transfer often follows.
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Where Does Respiration Take Place?
Cellular respiration takes place in the cell cytoplasm, inside the mitochondria and across the mitochondria crystae. Learn more about the different areas in which cellular respiration takes place with help from a science teacher and field biologist in... More »
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It matters which type of respiration you are referring to human respiration takes place in the lungs, however cell respiration takes place in the mitochrondria.
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