Where does saffron come from?


Saffron comes from a species of crocus plant known as crocus sativus. The plant is native to Greece and the Middle East. The Greeks were the first to recognize the plant's potential as a spice.

Saffron derives from the stigmas of the crocus plant. The plant originally only grew in Greece and parts of the Middle East, but many countries in North America, Central America, Africa and Oceania now grow the saffron crocus to harvest the expensive spice. The plant's native habitat still produces most of the world's saffron supply. Specifically, Iran, Greece, India, Italy and Spain are the largest producing countries.

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It is Iran and Spain that account for some 80% of the world production of saffron. And India, Greece, Azerbaijan, and Morocco produce most of the rest (in that order). Saffron is
Saffron was originally found in Arabia but began showing up in Spanish cooking in the eighth century. Saffron today is the world's most expensive spice, as each saffron crocus flower
Saffron is a spice derived from the flower of the saffron crocus. It has bitter flavor & pungent odor! Ask us
It comes from the saffron plant. It comes from Greece, India,
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Saffron is $100 an ounce because it must be hand-picked from the center of the crocus sativus, a flower similar to the appearance of the spring crocus. Its flavor is often described as bitter.
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