Where Does Sage Come from?


Sage originally comes from the area around the Mediterranean Sea. Sage is a very fragrant bush that has a light purple flower. Sometimes a white or pink flower can be found, but it is rare. The dried leaves are very spicy tasting and very aromatic making them a perfect kitchen herb.
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Sage ( Salvia officinalis ) is native to the Mediterranean and naturalized throughout Europe and North America. Known as garden sage, meadow sage, and true sage, this pungent herb is a member of the Lamiaceae, or mint, family. The genus name is ta More »
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Sage originated from the Mediterranean region but is grown in the United States. It a popular herb that is used for seasoning foods. Sage is used most commonly during the Thanksgiving holiday.
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The spice sage is usually found somewhere near or in the Mediterranean area.
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The herb sage is an herb that comes from a small, flowering plant. The plant is native to the Mediterranean area, but is now grown all over the world. The plant's ...
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