Where does the Bengal tiger live?


The Bengal tiger lives in tropical evergreen forests, the tropical dry forests, mangroves, deciduous forests and in alluvial grasslands. They are found in the Sundarbans regions in India and Bangladesh, central and northern India, Nepal and Burma. The Bengal tiger is one of the most feared predators.
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Bengal tigers live in India, Nepal, and Assam.
Bengal tigers live in India and are sometimes called Indian tigers.
According to the World Wildlife Fund and the San Diego Zoo, six subspecies remain, although some conservationists say there are only five. Each type of tiger lives in a specific area
The Bengal Tiger is very large and powerful and rarely needs to defend itself aganist anything other than humans, which have guns making self defence futile on the Tigers part. In
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Tigers live in various habitats in Asia.
While the Bengal tiger is the national animal of Bangladesh it resides mostly in India but also can be found in Nepal, Burma and China.
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