Where Does the Krebs Cycle Occur?


The Krebs Cycle occurs in the cell mitochondria for animals and in the chloroblasts of plants. It's also known as the citric cycle and is part of the function of respiration for the cell. All organisms that use oxygen generate energy through the Krebs Cycle.
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The Krebs cycle occurs in the mitochondrial matrix of the cell.
Two carbons are oxidized to CO2, and the energy from these reactions is transferred
The Krebs cycle occur in the mitochondria.
Within bacteria that possesses an electron transport system, the Krebs Cycle occurs in the cytoplasm.
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The Krebs cycle happens in the matrix of the cell. This is where Acetyl CoA is formed. The area outside this membrane is called the inter membrane space. You can find more information here: http://faculty.clintoncc.suny.edu/faculty/michael.gregory/files/bio%20101/bio%20101%20lectures/Cellular%20Respiration/cellular.htm
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