Where does the name "Emily" come from?


Emily comes from the Latin word "aemulus," which means "industrious" and "rival." The word industrious is an old-fashioned way of calling someone skillful, but it is still used to mean "hardworking," "diligent" or "working with energy and devotion." Industrious is also the opposite of "lazy."

Another meaning of the name "Emily" is "rival," which means someone whom a person is competing against, a competitor or someone who tries to equal or outdo another. An obsolete meaning of "rival" is a "companion in duty." The opposite of "rival" is "ally," which means supporting and working together with someone or associating with another.

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Emily comes from the Latin girl's name "Aemilia" which means "rival"
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First Names: Emily
1. Latin: Eager
Source: baby-names.familyeducation.com
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