Where does the River Thames start and end?


The River Thames originates in a meadow in the Cotswold Hills in Gloucestershire and travels 215 miles through England before emptying into the North Sea near Essex.

The Thames is the longest river in England, and it is used by boaters, watersport enthusiasts, fishermen and vacationers. The water in the River Thames is often dark and cloudy, and it is believed that the river's name originates from the Sanskrit "tamas," meaning “dark.” Ten named islands are nestled in the Thames, and 45 locks are placed along its length. A national trail and river walk follow the Thames over 180 miles as it travels throughout the countryside and cities of England.

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Follow this link to see the map of Thames River to find out where it starts! The river Thames start in south end and end in Kemble
According to govenment authorities, officially the River Thames begins at Trewsbury Mead, a meadow near the village of Kemble in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds, near Cirencester. The
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southend - through London - to Teddington lock, is all Tidal.... so that part is the Thames
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