Where Does the Wallaroo Live?


A wallaroo is a type of marsupial that is similar in some ways to both the wallaby and the kangaroo. These are approximately between both of these animals in size. They live in areas of Southern Australia.
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A Wallaroo is a type of macropod. It is smaller than the kangaroo but bigger than a wallaby. There are three types of wallaroos the Eastern, Black and Antilopine are all found in
oh my goodness.this is a hard question. by the way.what is a wallaroo?
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Wallaroos are marsupials that are native to the beautiful country of Australia. They typically spend their days resting in rocky areas, coming out at night to feed on small shrubs and grass.
A wallaroo is an animal that resembles a kangaroo. The wallaroo lives on hillsides and rugged terrain in Australia.
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