Where Does the White Tiger Live?


The white tiger is a mutant of the Bengal tiger which is smaller than the original tiger. Only a small number of white tigers are in existence though their numbers are said to be increasing. It lives in the wild and a high number of them are said to be in India.
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White tigers Are found In India because white tigers can live in there because they can find its own food there
While white tigers are most often spotted in the Russian Siberian dessert, they have also been found in Bengal in the northeastern portion of India, though this is much rarer. There
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The size of a tiger's territory depends soley on the amount of food that is available in that area. Thisn area usually varies between about 10 to 30 square miles (26-78 sq. km). Siberian
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The white tiger, like all other tigers, is found only in the continent of Asia. The white tiger is not a specific breed of tiger, but rather a genetic anomaly among all the breeds of tigers. They can be found in South China, Benegal, or even Siberia. You can find more information here: http://www.tigerhomes.org/cam/white_tiger.cfm
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