Where Does Thermal Energy Come from?


Thermal energy is energy that is derived from the thermodynamic relations of a temperature system. Most of this energy is derived from the sun, fuelled by the thermo-nuclear furnace that is the sun. Geothermal energy on the other hand results from the earth's core, which heats water forming geysers and hot springs that can be used in production of energy.
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1. Uranium is the material used to create nuclear energy. The most common isotope of uranium is uranium-238 (U-238), which contains 146 neutrons. Fissionable uranium-235 (U-235),
Nowhere, the amount of energy in the universe has been the exact same since the very beginning. This is one of the fundamental principles behind all of physics. It is called the
Plate Tectonics is where the thermal energy that
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Thermal energy comes from a heat source inside the Earth. Thermal energy is great for saving money and saving the environment. Currently, thermal energy is not as widely used as it could be. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geothermal_power
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