Where Does Urea Come from?


Urea is the product of nitrogen metabolism and it occurs in both humans and animals. Through urine, the human body and animals as well, release urea from the body thereby checking the levels of toxicity.
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Urea is an organic compoud that comes from the fusion of two amine residues and a carbonyl function group. It plays a large part in animals since it helps to metabolize things containing
The Mayo Clinic defines urea as a metabolic waste product that comes from the body's processing of proteins. The body combines ammonia with other elements such as hydrogen, oxygen
The breakdown or metabolism of protein. Proteins have a nitogenous group on the end that provides nitrogen for NH3 or NH4. components of ammonia and urea.
Halloween comes from the Celtic and Christian tradition of all hallows eve. This was the one day a year when it was believed that spirits could return to earth and walk among the
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