Where do you find someone with MSN Messenger?


Microsoft discontinued Windows Live Messenger (previously known as MSN Messenger) in April 2013. The product is now only supported in mainland China, so outside of China, it is unlikely to find someone who still uses Messenger.

Microsoft now suggests users adopt Skype, which has the same instant text messaging functions as Messenger did, as well as video and audio chat. If a user attempts to log into the Messenger client, they will be directed to download Skype.

MSN Messenger (renamed Windows Live Messenger in 2005) was one of the most popular instant messaging programs of the 2000s, boasting 330 million users monthly in 2009.

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The best way to find MSN messenger is go to MSN web site. There you can sign up for a hot mail account and have access to there MSN messenger.
1. Open the MSN Messenger application on your computer and . 2. Click on the “Contacts” option from top toolbar menu and move your mouse to the “Search for a Contact
The telechargerment MSN messenger is found on different sites on the internet. It is a download that can be found on sites like skype, windows-live messenger, or softonic to name
you cant find out anything about them unless they accept it. sorry you just have to wait
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