Where in Florida does John Travolta have a home?


John Travolta has a home in an exclusive community in Ocala, Florida. The fly-in community allows residents to park jets next to their homes.

John Travolta has a long-held passion for flying. The actor reportedly owns several planes, including a Boeing 707, and has a home in a community called Jumbolair in Ocala. The area boasts large homesites of two to four acres, many with private runways. In addition, a ballroom on the property hosts parties and weddings. The landing strip at Jumbolair is as long as a commercial runway and it can accommodate large aircraft.

Travolta is also a passionate Scientologist, and the headquarters of the religion are located in nearby Clearwater, Fla. The journey to the area by air takes very little time, allowing Travolta to be involved in church activities. Ocala is a small community, located within a larger national forest, which offers the family privacy.

John Travolta's home in Jumbolair includes two outbuildings that allow his aircraft to taxi up after they land. His estate is valued at more than $4 million. The star holds certification to fly several single and multi-engine planes. He and his family spend time in Florida when the actor and his wife are not shooting movies. They also own homes in Maine and California.

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