Where Is Bagdad?


Bagdad is a city in the state of Arizona, United States of America. This place is often confused with Baghdad, which is the capital city of Iraq; a country found in the continent of Asia.
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Map of Baghdad, Iraq
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Baghdad is one of the most violent and dangerous cities on earth. It is located in the middle east in the country of Iraq on the banks of the tigris.
Baghdad is the capital of Iraq, which is in the Middle East.
( băg'dăd' ) n. See Aleppo boil.
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Baghdad is the capital city of Iraq. It is the largest city with a population of 5 million citizens. Baghdad was founded in the 8th century along the Tigris River ...
The absolute location of Bagdad, Iraq is 33 degrees 20' North, 44 degrees 26' East. Baghdad is located alongside the Tigris River and is the capital of Iraq. It ...
The adventure film Bagdad was made in 1949. This film starred Maureen O'Hara, Paul Hubschmidand Vincent Price and it tells a story of a princess who plots revenge ...
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