Where is Barksdale Afb?


Barksdale Air Force Base is located in Louisiana. It is south-east of Bossier City. The Air Force Base was built in the year 1931 and is still a base used in today's society.
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Barksdale AFB (Air Force Base), is located in Bossier City, in Louisiana. It was named after a WWII aviator that was named, Eugene Barksdale.
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22,000+ acres.
There are many address on the base. One is; 2nd Comm Squadron/SCBR 40
Taking pictures obviously. You will take pictures of airmen working. You will take pictures for articles in the base news paper. You will take pictures at promotion ceremonies. You
Regions Bank, 2569 Viking Dr, Bossier City, LA 71111 PHONE: (800) 734-4667.
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