Where Is Bishop Veron Ashe?


Archbishop Veron Ashe was a church minister consecrated by several bishops in 1997 in the Mar Thomas Orthodox faith. He had cancer but was able to battle it. His whereabouts are not clear but its believed that he is travelling in different parts of the world spreading the gospel and teaching the word.
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he is in fresno, california as of january 2009 I am a personal friend of Bishop Ashe and right now he is in the hospital and is not able to minister. He truly needs the spiritual
He, or someone claiming to be him, logged into Myspace today. http://www.myspace.com/archbishopenochas… I'm not his friend, so I can't see what he said. http://www.christianmom.com
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First, you spell it correctly. It's Archbishop Vernon Ashe. "He is not a typical Pentecostal. Ashe is a Syrian Orthodox bishop, a man raised Roman Catholic who is a leader in
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Veron Mar Enoch Ashe is the youngest person to hold the office and title of Archbishop, as recognized by the Mar Thoma Orthodox Church. He operates a prophetic ...
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