Where Is Carlisle?


Carlisle is a border city located in the northern half of Cumbria and a fair amount of southern Scotland in England. It is Cumbria's main shopping, commercial and industrial centre.
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Carlisle is a popular name. There is a Carlisle located in North West England as well as several locations in Canada. There are also nine states in the United States that have a Carlisle. They are Indiana, Kentucky, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Iowa, New York, South Carolina and Massachusetts.
The town of Carlisle is in Massachusetts. Carlisle is home to 4900 residents and is 40 minutes from Boston. 25% of the town is protected conservation land.
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Carlisle Cullen was the son of an Anglican pastor, born in 1640s London, England, during a time of religious upheaval. His father and other pastors hunted creatures such as witches,
Carlisle city (1991 pop. 72,006) and district, Cumbria, NW England, near the junction of the
304 miles as the crow flies, but will certainly be longer when considering travelling by road :)
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Carlisle is a town of Cumbria county, and the major settlement of the wider City of Carlisle in North West England. Carlisle is located at the confluence of the ...
Carlisle Train Station is in Cumbrian City of Carlisle, England. It is a major station on the West Coast Main Line, lying 164km south of Glasgow Central, and 481km ...
The population of Carlisle is 104,700 according to the Cumbria Intelligence Observatory. The county town of Carlisle is located at the confluence of the rivers ...
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