Where Is Charles Bronson Buried?


Charles Bronson is buried near his Vermont farm. Born on November 3, 1921 as Charles Dennis Buchinsky, Charles Bronson was an American actor who will always be remembered for wearing the image of a tough guy. He starred in films like 'The Great Escape', 'Once Upon A Time In The West', 'The Dirty Dozen' and 'The Mechanic'.
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IMBD & Wikipedia say he is buried in Brownsville, Vermont near his home of thirty years in West Windsor. And yes he was a great actor.
Charles Bronson (Charles Buchinsky) actor Born: 11/3/1921 Birthplace: Ehrenfield,
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Alabama. In the 60's they didn't allow him to perform ,many yrs later they give him the city key ,and he did the song Georgia on my mind.
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Charles Bronson is alive.
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