Where Is Fungi Found?


Fungi can be found in various surfaces and on various substances as long as there is provision of the right growing conditions. Fungi can be found on forest trees, gardens, on human feet and on food in form of mould and yeast.
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Fungi are prevalent in many ecosystems on earth. They seem to be most diverse in the temperate zones; however, this may be due to undersampling in the tropics. Fungi are found in
Fungi grow best in dark, moist habitats, but they can be found wherever organic material is available. Moisture is necessary for their growth, and they can obtain water from the atmosphere
Chitin is a polymer that can be found in anything from the shells of beetles
Fungi love damp areas. They can be found nearly everywhere, and you can find them springing up in woods, parks, gardens and mountain-tops. Some fungi live tangled up amongst the roots
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Fungi can be found all over the world with no exception of the extreme environments like deserts and high salt concentration areas. They grow best in the dark.
Fungi will grow on just about any surface, but they thrive in dark, moist places. Fungi can even grow on the human body such as inside the mouth and on the bottom of the feet known as athlete's foot. There are some fungi such as mushrooms, but most types of fungi are harmful to humans and animals alike.
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Fungi, which are plural of fungus, are simple plants that lack chlorophyll, which is the green colouring matter in plants. Fungi are mainly found in micro-organisms ...
Parasitic fungi are found in nature. They thrive off of other organisms by attaching to them and drawing nutrients out of the host. Examples of parasitic fungi ...
Saprophytes are fungi that absorb food from decaying organic matter. These type of fungi are often found out in the woods. You can find them on old dead tree roots ...
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