Where is "Grey's Anatomy" filmed?


Although there is a "Grey's Anatomy" is set in Seattle, Washington, the bulk of filming is done in Los Angeles, California. Specifically, most filming occurs at ABC Television Center in Los Angeles.

Select scenes that take place in Seattle Grace Hospital are filmed at Veteran's Hospital in Los Angeles. The show does do occasional location shoots in Seattle. Locations shoots, however, are expensive. Aside from transportation and accommodations for cast and crew, an additional crew must be hired in the location, so studios keep location shoots at a minimum. Filming in studios on sets makes it much easier to control the variables like the environment and people.

Q&A Related to "Where is "Grey's Anatomy" filmed?"
It is filmed in Los Angeles, California.
Most of Grey's Anatomy is filmed at ABC Television center in Los Angeles. Some
Grey's Anatomy filming is at Sepulveda VA Hospital in Sepulveda, CA & on a soundstage in Los Angeles.
it all takes place on their sets in LA, but I think for the outside shot of the hospital they shoot at another hospital maybe in LA too. but the inside are all sets
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