Where Is Hell's Kitchen Filmed?


Hells kitchen is filmed on location at a studio in Los Angeles California USA. The show features famous chef Gordon Ramsey trying to find the next great chef for his chain of restaurants that are located all over the United States of America.
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Hell Kitchen is filmed in Los Angeles.
It's not in Nevada. It is a neighborhood in Manhattan favored by gangsters and bootleggers.
3322 La Cienega Pl., Los Angeles, California, USA
Hells kitchen is filmed at the former KCOP studios located at: 915 North La Brea Ave, Los Angeles CA 90038 (Hollywood)
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Hell's Kitchen is filmed in an enclosure on La Brea and Willoughby in Los Angeles. It is an ITV reality show fronted by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay along side others. The latest UK version of Hell's kitchen was starred by Marco Pierre white while the rest of the series was launched by Gordon Ramsay.
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