Where Is Indium Found?


You can find indium in zinc material. If you visit a place that they smelt lead you will find indium since it is a by product of this process. You can find more information here: environmentalchemistry.com/yogi/periodic/In.html
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in the earths crust.
Here's some info. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indium
Indium. is the 49. th. element on the periodic table. It is located in. period. 5 and. group. 13. Periodic Table of the Elements.
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In 1863 in Freiberg Germany, a little thing called Indium was discovered. It may make you think of indigo and in part that was how it was named due to it's indigo blue color it shows when under a spectroscope. Indium is commonly found in sources of certain zinc ores and is mainly produced as a by product of zinc and lead smelting. You can find more information here: http://environmentalchemistry.com/yogi/periodic/In.html#Who
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