Where Is It Warm in February in Europe?


In February, Spain is one of the warm places in Europe. As such, most tourists flock various tourist destinations such as the Canary Islands. Another warm place is Algarve in Portugal.
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wat is europe's weather like during the
The best chances for nice weather are on the Canary Islands, I think. We've been there several times in winter and in most cases you could walk in shorts. Last year we went to Madeira
This is what you look for (it is annual data but certainly strongly correlates with winter sunshine hours, over proportionally even) [1] So, unsuprisingly, from the UK you have to
another alternative, and its definitely off the beaten path for most is : sofia. thats the capital of bulgaria. the mountain vitosha is about ah hour from the city. vitosha is beautiful
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In Europe, Crete has a hot subtropical climate. The second place which is the hottest in Europe is Cyprus. Also Andalusia, the southern-most Spanish province enjoys some of the highest temperatures across Europe.
Many cities in southern European experience mild winter climates, but still attract fewer crowds and low airfare and accommodations prices from about November to March. The warm places in Europe in February are listed as; Italy's Amalfi Coast is one of the warm regions of the country during the winter months.
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