Where Is Jeddah?


Jeddah is a city in Saudi Arabia, and is sometimes referred to as the Paris of Arabia. Jeddah is located on the country's Red Sea coast, and it's the largest city in the country's Western Province. The country boasts amazing museums which offer an in-depth view of how the city has grown over the years.
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Jeddah, located on the banks of the Red Sea, is a city in Saudi Arabia. It is the second largest city in the
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jeddah: port city in western Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea
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Jeddah is a city that is located on the coast of the Red Sea, in the Western Asian country of Saudi Arabia, in the Middle East. The city of Jeddah is home to 5 million people.
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Mecca, also known as Makkah, is located around 45 miles inland from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. The city is the capital of Makkah province and is regarded as the most ...
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