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Juneau is located in the Gastineau Channel in the Panhandle of Southeast Alaska, USA. It is the state capital of Alaska. Currently Juneau has a population of around 30,711. It is quite a tourist destination due to its climate and beauty.
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Juneau is both a city and a borough. It is located in the great state of Alaska. In 1906 it became the capitol of the state. It was founded in 1881.
For a no-frills, Western-style night of bar fun, journey to South Franklin Street, where you'll encounter two of Juneau's most inviting taverns. The Red Dog Saloon is a touristy trip
It was the home of the richest gold mining operation of its kind in the world. Mendenhall Glacier, the Juneau Salmon Bake, the Red Dog Saloon, and the fact that my daughter was born
Juneay is a noun and a a seaport in and the capital of Alaska. Thanks for asking ChaCha!
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Juneau is the capital city and a municipality of the State of Alaska. The city was named after a gold prospector known as Joe Juneau and it has an estimated population ...
Juneau became the capital of Alaska by a matter of economics. During the early part of the 1900s, the amount of trading and whaling in the area of Sitka began ...
Know Your Destination. 1. Bring your raincoat. Juneau is part of the largest temperate rainforest in North America. Rain is pretty common, but the rainforest also ...
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