Where is Lebanon located?


Lebanon is a west Asian country located in the area known as the Middle East. Lebanon is bordered by Syria on the north and east, Israel on the south and the Mediterranean Sea on the west. Its geographic coordinates are 33º 50' N, 35º 50' E.

A little smaller than the American state of Connecticut, Lebanon covers about 4,036 square miles. The Lebanon Mountains run parallel to the western coast and cover the majority of the country, and the Anti-Lebanon range lies on the eastern border. The Bekaa Valley, Lebanon's main agricultural area, is situated between the two mountain ranges. The capital is the coastline city of Beirut, the country's main seaport.

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Lebanon is located in the Middle East along the Mediterranean Sea. It is located between Syria and the island of Cyprus.
Lebanon is located on the east end of the Mediterranean Sea. Isreal is to the south of Lebanon while Syria is to the northeast. Hope that gives you a general idea. Much simpler it
Lebanon is located in the Middle East, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between
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Lebanon is located in Middle East, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Israel and Syria
Coordinates: 33 50 N, 35 50 E
Location of:
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