Where Is Limestone Found?


Limestone can be found in many parts of the world, and you can see little fossils in it because it is very soft, and fragile. Some caves, and buildings are made out limestone.
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answ2. limestone are calcareous concretions of the bodies of countless small animals. But some limestones are simply formed from the precipitation of calcite or aragonite from solution
Most of the US's limestone caves are between the eastern Midwest and the Appalaichan Mountains. Look at Missouri and Tennessee. Texas has a lot too. Sorry for the terrible picture
Limestone can be found almost everywhere in the world. A large amount is mined in the farm lands in the midwest. It's a very 'soft' rock and you can find fossils in them very commonly
Kasota limestone or simply, 'Kasota stone, is a dolomitic limestone found in
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Limestone can be found in lakes, rivers and on land. Limestone may be elastic, granular, dense or crystalline. Pure limestone is usually white in colour but impurities such as clay and sand contribute to different colours that limestone exhibit.
Limestone is found in great quantities in Oregon, Indiana and Michigan and various sections of Europe. The mineral (calcium carbonate) is mined in form of a sedimentary rock. Limestone was use as a popular building block during the middle ages. The great pyramids of Gaza are made entirely of limestone on the outer covering.
Limestone can be found just about anywhere that an ancient sea existed. They can usually be found on some continental crust, and surface due to erosion or roadcuts.
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