Where Is My Dad?


It is sometimes very hard to locate someone and at times it takes sometime to finally find them. There some agencies and private investigators that help in locating people, sites such as find parents might be able to help: http://www.findparents.co.uk/father?gclid=COXF2_PgtKYCFcWHDgodAQtSHQ
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The best way to determine what should you get for your dad for Christmas is to study his likes or dislikes, or even ask him what he might like.
1. Talk to your mother or other relatives to learn as much information as possible about your biological father. Ask for his full name and any identifying factors about him (eye color
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Where my dad is a charitable organisation in the UK that helps non resident parents who have lost contact with their children by offering information, support and assistance.
Where’s my Dad ,is a song which was sung by Keb ‘Mo’. He is an American blues singer, songwriter and guitarist, currently living in Nashville, Tennessee, United States.
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