Where is my local post office?


The location of a post office varies from town to town. Go to the USPS website to search for the location of your local post office using your ZIP code or city and state.

The default search option includes any postal providers. For the most accurate search result, select "Post Offices" under the location types. If you live in a rural area, increase your search radius under the "Within" tab to account for distance to the nearest town. When the search results come up, a list of locations along with their hours appear next to a map that is marked with each location.

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1. Go to the USPS Services Locator website. 2. Select "Post Office Locations" in the "What are you looking for? drop box. 3. Enter your address inside the "Near
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Fed Ex and the post office are 2 separate agencies that have nothing to do with one another. If you need to reschedule a delivery, the delivery notice has a website to reschedule.
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