Where Is Nagano?


Nagano prefecture is situated at the centre of Japan's main island, Honshu. The city of Nagano is situated about 120 miles northwest of Tokyo. of the twelve highest mountains in Japan, nine of them can be found in this inland region. Nagano was host to the 1998 Winter Olympics. The most well-known tourist attraction in Nagano-city is Zenkoji temple which is located on a hill in the city.
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it is located in japan.
In Japan, on the mid-portion of the island, north side.
nagano: a city in central Honshu to the northwest of Tokyo
(nä-gä'nō, nä'gä-nō') A city of central Honshu, Japan, northwest of Tokyo. It is a religious center with diverse industries in a silk-producing region.
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it is located in japan. ...
The Nagano Olympics were held in 1998 in Nagano Japan. They are officially known as the XVIII Winter games. The events were held from February 7th until the 22nd ...
The Winter Olympics in Nagano Japan was held in 1998. It was the first year for ...
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