Where Is Phyllite Found?


Phyllite which is a grayish, wavy type of metamorphic rock. Can be found in the Isle of Arran. The Isle of Arran is large island near the country of Scotland.
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The parent rocks of gneiss include mudstone, shale, slate, phyllite, schist, granite, or diorite. The parent rocks of phyllite only include mudstone, shale, or slate. more
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Phyllite minerals are a type of rock. They are actually classified as metamorphic rocks. Quartz, chlorite and sericite mica can be found in these types of rocks. ...
The mineral change from phyllite to gneiss represents a move from chlorite to quartz. Therefore Chlorine is the mineral found in gneiss and not in phyllite . ...
The type of rocks that are found in Georgia consist of rocks that were under pressure and heat. These rocks are slate, schist, marble, phyllite, metaconglomerate ...
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