Where Is Soho?


SOHO (small office/home office) is a class of business or cottage trade that involves from 1 to 10 workers. The term may also refer to a region of the City of Westminster and a fraction of the West End of London.
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Soho is in London, England. It is one of Londons most popular entertainment districts.
Soho is located in downtown Manhattan south of Houston Street and Chinatown. Since it is south of the places the name Soho was properly given.
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(Small Office/Home Office) Refers to the small business or business-at-home user. This market segment demands as much or more than the large corporation. The small business entrepreneur
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Soho House was founded in London, in 1995, as a private members’ club for those in film, media and creative industries. Embed Quote
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It is located in Soho, London, England .It is a private members' club . ...
Soho is situated in the City of Westminster and part of the West End of London. To many, it is an entertainment district, it has a long standing reputation for ...
SoHo New York is a neighborhood in Manhattan. It gets its name from its geographical location, SOuth of HOuston street. Originally, it was known for its arts community ...
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