Where is the Baltic Sea located?


The Baltic Sea is located in northern Europe from 53N to 66N latitude and from 20E to 26E longitude. It is bordered by Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, northeastern Germany, and eastern Denmark and its many islands.

World Atlas states that the exact western end of the Baltic Sea is hard to pinpoint because its waters flow through Kattegat Bay and ultimately merge with the North Sea. Therefore, it is difficult to determine the actual size of the Baltic Sea, as it depends on where the sea ends. A rough estimate of its surface area is around 375,000 square kilometers.

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The Baltic Sea is located in Northern Europe. Most of it lies between Finland and Sweden. Germany and Poland also border this sea.
The Baltic Sea is off the Northern coast of Germany. The North Sea is the stretch of sea between Western Europe and England.
Bay of Finland, Finland
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