Where Is the Best Place to Plant Rhododendrons?


Rhododendrons should be planted in light, sandy, soil which is high in organic matter. To ensure this plant matures well it must have a constant supply of moisture in soil of pH 5 to 6.
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1. Select a planting site that contains a fast-draining, moist, loamy soil, receives partial shade with only filtered sunlight and sits protected from wind. Choose a site that has
Some species are poisonous to grazing animals. These
(Continued from Page 1) Beginners at landscaping and gardening often confuse azalea plants and rhododendrons, as stated on. Page 1. The confusion is understandable; for azalea plants
Rhododendron and azalea need an acid fertilizer if they are grown in poor soil. They make this type specifically for these plants and all will work fine. Just ask at your local gardening
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Rhododendrons are a type of flower that makes any garden look beautiful. The best place in which to plant these flowers would be in light soil that appears sandy, and it must be in a semi shaded place. This flower should not be in direct sunlight as it will burn the leaves. The same is true when planting azaleas, as the two flowers are alike. Be sure to keep plants watered and in healthy soil, with lower alkaline levels.
The best place to pant rhododendrons are in areas with good soil and lots of sunlight. Rhododendrons don't like too much moisture so they should also be in a place with good drainage. You can find more information at www.rhodoland.nl
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