Where Is the Bladder Located in the Body?


The bladder is located in the lower abdomen on the floor of the pelvic cavity. It is at the anterior to the rectum in males and anterior to the uterus and upper vagina in females. The bladder stores urine and expels it through the urethra when full.
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The urinary bladder is located in the true pelvis, the narrower bowl shaped part. It is roughly in the middle of the region.
The bladder is a hollow, balloon-like organ located behind the pelvic bone and hidden within the pelvis. Cancer is a disease characterized by the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells
The gall bladder (gallbladder) is a small pouch that is next to the
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The bladder is located in the center part of the lower pelvis. The bladder is part of the urinary tract and empties through the urethra to remove waste from the body.
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