Where is the Hummel Factory in Germany?


The world-famous Hummel figurines are produced by hand in the town of Rödental. This town is located in the Bavarian section of Germany. Hummels were first created in 1871 under the company name of Goebel Porzellanmanufaktur GmbH.

The artwork of Maria Innocentia Hummel inspired the figurines. There is a factory outlet at Manufaktur Rödental GmbH, where the Hummels are created. Additionally, visitors to the factory outlet can also watch artisans as they create the Hummels for sale.

The city of Rödental holds a heritage in creating Hummels, as well as other types of fine china items. Some of these items have been for decoration and others for the engineering ceramics industry.

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Goebel Porzellanfabrik GmbH Coburger Str. 7 D-96472 Rödental, Germany.
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