What are the most painful places to get a tattoo?


Tattoos are painful when they are done anywhere on the body. The most painful part to get a tattoo is the foot because the skin is thin.
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Generally speaking, tattooing over bone - where there's little
Anus. nose.
1. Ribs 2. Tops of feet 3. Knee caps/elbows **Places with less fat and closest to the bone (Personally I have a rib tattoo and i didnt think it was that bad, but i have 4 other tattoos
The palm of my hand hurt more than any of my other tattoos. Another bad thing about palm tattoos is that you have to get them done over and over again and they'll barely stay in
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The most painful place to get a tattoo is the part of the body with less flesh. Such areas are the spine, the elbow and the knees.
A person is getting their first tattoo or coming back for their umpteenth, not everyone can handle being the one to pick the most painful place to get a tattoo.? If you have a low tolerance for pain you probably wouldn?t want to pick the most painful place to get a tattoo.? People like this should opt get their tattoo in one of the more fleshy parts of their body.?? This does not include places on your body where skin and bone are really close together.
The pain experienced during tattooing depends on the person?s tolerance to pain. Painful tattoo places on your body are places where the bone is close to the skin. Other painful tattoo places include; behind the ear and the eyeballs.
Some of the most painful places to get a tattoo are private areas, spin, lips and tongue. Generally, nerve endings are greatest in the parts that are most responsive to pain. Such places have thin skin, close to bones or are at joints.
Pain associated with tattoos depends on where the tattoo is going to be placed. The places which one is bound to bear a great deal of pain are the foot because of the many nerve endings, bony places like the skull, ribs and behind the ear.
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Inner wrist is a sensitive place on your body since the skin is very thin there. Any tattoo is painful and how painful it depends on your individual sensitivity ...
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