Where Is the Motherboard Located?


The motherboard is the main circuit board of the computer. This is where all the parts of the computer are connected. It is located in the main case, affixed to the side panel. Some computers motherboard are located at the bottom of the case.
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It is located inside the computer tower case or laptop case and is usually screwed/bolted to the inside of the case. The motherboard (main board) is the largest circuit board inside
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1. Shut down the computer and unplug it. Remove the laptop battery if you're working with a laptop. 2. Unscrew the Phillips-head screws holding the main panel on a desktop, or release
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The Motherboard is located right underneath the case of your computer. It is what controls everything on your computer. It is where the sockets are that enable you to plug your accessories in. It also holds the processing chip for your computer. I wouldn't mess with it unless you are pretty good with technology.
The motherboard is the main thing in the computer. It is the foundation from which everything works. When you open the tower you will see all sorts of stuff. On the back wall you will see a big circuit board that everything plugs into. That is the motherboard. The CPU sits behind the fan mounted on the board. It all comes together right there.
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