Where is the nearest movie theater in my area?


The closest movie theater to a specific location is found through Fandago's website at www.fandango.com. The home page has a box to input zip code or city and state. The addresses of all the nearby theaters are then listed.

Fandango offers more than simply theater locations. Movie times are shown on the site. People can conduct searches for specific movies or actors. There is a page where trailers are viewed. The website features articles, photos and videos that cover a wide range of topics, include concession stand treats, horror movies, family movies, IMAX films and red carpet occasions. In addition, tickets for many theaters are available for purchase.

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Greenway 3 Theaters is located at 5 E Greenway
The nearest AMC is at O'Farrell and Van Ness Avenue just a 5-8 minute ride on the 38 Geary bus. And yes the Westfield Mall [about 10-15 minutes by 38 geary and a 5 minute walk] has
*Alamo Drafthouse Cinema 618 Northwest Loop 410 San Antonio, TX 78216 *Regal Cinemas Alamo Quarry Stadium 16 255 E.BASSE San Antonio, TX 78209
You could try Mayes in Churchgate, Leicester City Centre. If they can't help they may know who could.
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