Where Is the Starter Located in My Ford Explorer?


The starter in a Ford Explorer is located in the rear of the engine on the right side. It is going to look something like a black soup can. It will be cylinder shaped.
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On my 1995 Explorer , with the 4.0 L OHV engine , the starter is on the drivers side. of the engine , mounted low near the back of the engine in front of the transmission.
1. Park your Ford Explorer on a level surface, activate the emergency brake and place blocks behind the back tires for safety. Disconnect the negative battery cable with a terminal
it should be on one side of the engine near the bottom and just before the transmission since it turns the flywheel to start the engine. dont forget to unhook the battery since some
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Raise the vehicle up from the front by placing a jack under the front crossmember.Follow the positive cable to where it is mounted. The positive cable is mounted ...
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