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The talus refers to a collection of bones that are in the foot. These bones usually occur at the top of the tarsal skeleton. The bones form the lower part of the ankle joint as it articulates with the lateral and medial malleoli of the other two bones forming the lower leg; these are the tibia and fibula.
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The talus is an important bone of the ankle joint that is placed between the calcaneus and the fibula and tibia in the lower leg. The shape of the bone is irregular, but it may be compared to a turtle's hump. The key function of this bone is to form a...
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The Talus bone is found in the foot and connects the lower part of the ankle joint. It is a unique bone because it provides a retrograde blood supply to the foot.
The talus bone is that forms the lower part of the ankle. It articulates with the calcaneus below and navicular in front, transmitting the body's weight to the feet.
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Since you are asking me, then I will tell you a talus are the angled mass of rocks at the base of a cliff. Now, if I were a fan of the Star Trek series, I would have to say that Talus
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According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the talus is a small bone in your foot. It is found between the tibia and fibula in your leg and your heel bone. If your
Talus - n 1: a sloping mass of rocks at the base of a cliff [syn: scree] 2: the bone in the ankle
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Talus bone is also known as astragalus and is a bone in the group of bones in the foot known as the tarsus. The tarsus forms the lower section of the ankle joint ...
The talus bone is located between the foot and the lower leg bone. This bone has the highest percentage of its surface area covered by articular cartilage. It ...
The location of the talus bone in the human body is the ankle. The talus bone is sandwiched between the heel bone and the tibia and fibula. The ankle joint is ...
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