Where Is Tyria Moore Now?


Tyria Moore is famously known for being the lover of Aileen Wuornos from 1986 to 1990. Aileen, a lesbian serial killer, was executed in 2002 by lethal injection. Tyria was last heard of in 2009 when she claimed that her lover Glenn Beck murdered and raped more than one girl in 1990.
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Home > Tyria Moore. Tyria Moore (born 1965) is a American woman best known for her relationship with serial killer Aileen Wuornos. Moore gained notoriety after Wuornos was arrested
Moore currently plays for the Florida Panthers
Most of the information of Tyria Moore is roped off directly due to her involvement with Wuornos. If you're looking for hardcore information such as recent photos or a chanced interview
Maya Moore was named as one of the National team members to represent the USA Basketball team in the WNBA versus USA Basketball. No latest news of her for now. report this answer.
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Tyria Moore is known for her relationship with Aileen Wuornos, a serial killer who was arrested for killing eight people in Florida. Moore was brought up in a Christian family in Ohio, U.S. Moore went on the run after Wuornos murdered a police officer but later the police found her and forced her into aiding them with the investigation of the murder of the eight men. Moore cooperated with them and Wuornos was convicted of the murder of eight men. Wuornos was hanged in October, 2002. Moore has since been living under an unknown name in an unknown location.
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