Where Is Warm in Europe in October?


The warm places in Europe in October are mostly the south part of Europe. They include southern Italy, the Greek Islands, and Andalucía, which is a city in the south of Spain. In Europe, in October, it is early autumn, meaning that all destinations of the Mediterranean have mild temperatures and satisfying sunshine, making it pleasant to walk around.
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probably the canary islands which are very near to africa.
the island Crete is your best bet !
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South of Spain, South of Italy, south of Greece, Canary Islands and south of Portugal. almost forgot cyprus. Source(s): ps: the month october has very cheap flight fares, although
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Some of the best places in Europe to visit during the October months are Cyprus, Sicily, Prague, Italy and Portugal. Many of these countries experience Mediterranean weather patterns. This means that they experience favourable temperatures almost all year round, with plenty of sunshine.
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