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Yap is located in the western Caroline Islands, today part of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). It is about 850 miles east of the Mindanao in the Philippines. This small island came under the control of Spain during its Age of Exploration and served as a source of Copra. Colonia is the capital of Yap State, where most of business is conducted.
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Yap is a cluster of islands that stretch for 600 miles in the vast Pacific Ocean. Yap lies just nine
Evelyn Yap is The Cruising Shutterbug @ http://eyap.biz/thecruisingshutterbug. She was born in the Philippines but is now pretty much a citizen of the world, a denizen of the oceans
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James Yap's full name is James Carlos Agravante Sr. and he plays basketball for the San Ming Coffee Mixer team in the Philippines. James has one son names Bimby ...
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