Where Is Your Uterus?


The uterus which is also referred to as the womb is a body part found on the lower abdomen at the back of the bladder. It is in the inside of the uterus where a baby develops and grows when you are pregnant. The lining on the inside of the uterus is known as the endometrium.
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It is in the pelvic region roughly in the area of the pubic bone.
The uterus is located between the rectum and the bladder within the pelvic region. Thanks
Prolapse refers to a collapse, descent, or other change in the position of the uterus in relation to surrounding structures in the pelvis. The pelvis contains many soft tissue structures
1. Make sure your bladder is empty. If your bladder is full, it can push your uterus off to the side, make it stay a bit higher and may contribute to more bleeding. 2. Lie flat on
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It is my understanding that the Uterus of a woman is located in her midsection, within the vagina. The uterus is what is used by the woman for her egg to attach upon fertilization. The uterus should be checked at common physical exams.
From what I know, your uterus is situated almost right in the middle of your pelvic bone area. It sits on top of the vagina and is in between your hips. Your intestines are above it.
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