Where should I take my girlfriend on Valentine's Day?


The best Valentine’s Day destinations vary based on what stage a relationship is in and a girl’s personal taste. A common option for any couple is a dinner at an elegant restaurant. Another more intimate option is to cook dinner for her, suggests Esquire. After dinner, take her for a romantic stroll around town, on the beach or through any scenic and peaceful location available.

When opting to dine out, make the reservation at least several days in advance. When planning to cook a meal at home, spend some time planning out a menu. Select menu options that are reasonable and based on culinary skills; include options that are favorites and familiar.

Esquire recommends a massage or spa treatment for a Valentine’s date. A romantic couples’ massage is an ideal way for a couple to spend time together while relaxing.

For long-term couples, a thoughtful idea is to recreate a first date. Take her to the place where the magic started. Other fun ideas include taking her for karaoke or ice skating.

What a girl considers a good Valentine’s destination varies based on her personality. A thoughtful gesture is common way to show a girlfriend that she is special on this holiday.

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