Where to Buy Quinoa?


Quinoa is a crop which produces gluten- free grain and is grown majorly for its seeds. You can purchase the grain from your local grain store, grocery, the Tesco and Sainsbury superstores or online from Healthy Supplies or Whilton whole foods.
Q&A Related to "Where to Buy Quinoa?"
The Bulk Barm is where i get my quinoa.
I am a former chef and live downtown, for bulk I have bought it at the Bulk barns around town, in the downtown area, Noah's Natural Foods also has a bulk section, it is at Spadina
Buy Quinoa at:Naturals:111 West Main Cross Street Suite 5.Taylorville, IL
I'm guessing that you can find quinoa in most of your local supermarkets in Dallas, Texas. This wonderfully flexible seed has become quite popular as a healthy alternative to rice
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