Where to Buy Railroad Tie?


Railroad ties are bought from the railroad companies when the railroad ties are decommissioned and replaced with new ties. In recent years home improvement stores have began to carry new railroad ties.
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1. Examine your landscaping and determine where you'd like the railroad ties to be placed. 2. Measure the entire area of where the railroad ties will be. Make sure to write these
Many nurseries and landscaping companies carry them.
Hansen's Landscape Service (435) 674-2325 Po Box 451, St George,
I live in the Midwest. Where I live, any railroad tie that's found on the side of the tracks and away from the tracks is free for the taking. Nothing illegal about it. Check in your
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If you are not sure where to buy railroad tie, it can typically be found in different stores that sell construction products. Such stores include Home Depot and Loews. Both of these stores offer Railroad Tie at different prices.
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